PetSafe Drinking Fountains

Do you use a Pet Fountain for your dog or cat? I started using one a few years ago, and I won’t ever go back to a regular water bowl, especially for my cats.

Bean loves the Fountain!

Years ago, I lost a cat to kidney disease. My vet told me it was very common because most cats don’t drink enough water. I switched to a diet of canned and dry food for my cats so they would get that little bit of extra moisture from the canned food, and I switched to a fountain.

I have two PetSafe fountains that I switch between. One is the Drinkwell Seascape Fountain, shown above with Bean, and the other is the Drinkwell, 2 gallon model. 

PetSafe 2 Gallon

Both fountains work great. I actually use them both and switch off between them. They both work in essentially the same way, they have a filter which circulates the water from the bowl, and then spits it out through the fountain. The 2 gallon model has a spout for the water to come out of, and the Seascape model uses a large ceramic globe or ball that the water comes out of the top and pours down over the sides.  I like to switch between the two fountains to keep the cats interest up. They seem to really like to lick the water off the ceramic globe of the Seascape, but they also enjoying playing with the water from the spout on the two gallon model.

Maintenance is easy. Each fountain contains a foam filter and a carbon filter. It takes me maybe ten minutes total for a thorough cleaning. The process is very similar for both. The foam filter fits around the pump and collects larger debris such as cat hair, and the carbon filter freshens the water. I clean my fountain about once every ten days, and usually change the carbon filter every time. There are times I’ve rinsed the filter and it has looked OK, so I’ve used it for a second cycle. The foam filter is very easy to rinse and reuse. I probably only change my foam filter once every three months. Both types of filters are easily and inexpensively available on Amazon. Here’s the insides of the Seascape fountain:

Seascape Fountain – foam filter and pump
Carbon filter and housing
Carbon filter assembled and attached to foam filter and pump
Ready to add the globe

The Two Gallon fountain is similar inside:



Pump and foam filter


Carbon filter and water intake


Housing goes over the pump and filters – the lever in the middle adjusts water flow
Cap covers the tower

The Seascape is slightly easier to clean, simply because of the material it is made from. We have lots of minerals in our water and they build up quickly on surfaces. I find it easier to clean the ceramic bowl of the Seascape than the plastic of the other fountain. As you can see in the picture above, I definitely get some mineral residue.

During the week, I simply add fresh water to the bowl as the level depletes. The nice thing about the plastic fountain is the bigger capacity. The Seascape fountain holds about 70 ounces, while the other, holds about 2 gallons. I’ve got three cats and a small dog, so the capacity of the Seascape works for me. I don’t mind refilling it daily. When I had my yellow lab, it was definitely helpful to have the larger fountain, and even then, I put out a large water bowl along with the fountain in summer because he would go through a lot of water. Honestly, I found my Lab preferred to just drink out of a bowl most of the time. The cats always seem to prefer the moving water from the fountain.

Aesthetically, I like the look of the Seascape better. The ceramic feels more finished. I also prefer the spherical design of the Seascape better than the spout design of the two gallon model.

Another small detail I like better about the Seascape model is that it is easier to pick up. The two gallon model has straight sides that go right to the floor, so it is harder to get a finger under it to lift it, and the sides are straight. The Seascape is a bit curved at the top of the bowl, so it is easy to pick up. It also feels sturdier than the plastic fountain when I have to move it with water in it.

Overall, I think they are both great fountains. If I had to chose only one, I would chose the Seascape because the capacity is enough for me, and I like the look of it, but if you need the bigger capacity, the Two gallon works just great.

Do you use a fountain for your pets? What features do you like? You can check out these two fountains at or look for them on Amazon.

Holiday Season

Do you include your pets in your holiday festivities? My pets have been involving themselves! Boxes everywhere, and everyone loves them! The cats hide in them, and Hector chews them.

The cats think that putting up the Christmas tree was the best thing we have ever done for them. Little Bean loves to knock the ornaments off the tree, and Puck has been caught trying to climb it more than once. Hector D. Byrd HATES change. She is very thankful the tree is no where near her cage, but she does seem to enjoy holiday music with all the bells.

Cali needs a haircut!

As I started to get a few presents wrapped an under the tree, I realized that none of my packages were going to have pretty bows this year. Bean thinks bows are toys, and I’ve just been finding them all over the house.

We will be home for Christmas, which is perfect because I really prefer to share the holidays with all my pet-babies. Everyone will have presents under the tree. Cali sometimes likes to open her own presents.  Hector definitely enjoys opening gifts.

I don’t usually do anything big/expensive for gifts, unless there is something a pet needs that I was able to time right and purchase for the holidays.  This year, Hector is getting a couple of new toys, Dragon is getting a new vine decoration for her tank, Cali is getting some treats and a toy, and the kitties also have treats and a couple of little toys. Since Bean is new to our house and Bean LOVES to climb, I did splurge a little this Christmas, and got the cats a new cat tree. It’s 72″ tall and has platforms and scratching posts. I think the kitties are going to be very excited!

How are you going to celebrate the holidays with your pets?

The Tree

We finally got the tree up last night. We were afraid to put it up too early with some travel we had, since we didn’t think leaving Bean home alone with the tree would be a good idea.

I’m happy to report that the tree survived it’s first night! Bean and Puck were both very curious about it last night, but they aren’t overly obsessed with it.

Happy Holidays!


My worries about Puck and Bean not getting along are over. I think this photo says it all. Puck seems so happy to have a buddy. Logan is much older, and never really bonded with Puck. The best I can say is that they tolerate each other, which is pretty much how Logan is with Bean as well.

Puck and Bean are actually buddies. They love to wrestle together and they love when I have an extra box to leave out for them to climb and play with. I haven’t been able to get a video yet, but one cat will be in the box, one will be on top or on the side, and they will just pounce on each other over and over again.

Hector has always been obsessed with cardboard.  She always has a supply of boxes in or near her cage. Lately, she has been strolling across the floor and getting into the pile of spare boxes I keep. Last night, she decided she wanted the box the cats were playing with. She strolled over, looked at the cats, and went into the box and started chewing it up.  I saw Puck zip away from the box, and Bean was sitting just outside of it. I was wondering if Hector would feel trapped and get upset, so I was keeping a very close eye on things.  When Hector was done adding some ventilation to the box, she looked at Bean, chirped and strutted back to her cage. Bean just moved right out of her way, smart kitty already seems to know that Hector rules this roost!

About 5:30 this morning, I woke up to the sound of running cats. Bean and Puck has decided that was a good time for a wrestling match. While I’m really happy the cats are getting along, I’d prefer if they could pick another time or location for their escapades.

But look at that little face, even though I’m not a morning person, I can’t stay mad for long. At this moment, the little guy is curled up around the back of my neck while I’m typing. He’s so soft and warm, an excellent neck warmer!


The Little Bean

Sleepy baby cat

Little Bean is pretty awesome. We had some people at our house for a meeting yesterday, and we were all sitting around the kitchen table. Bean jumped up in to one woman’s lap, then onto the table. He hung out with her for a bit, got some pats, and moved on to the next person. He visited all 6 of us at the table. Eventually, he made his way back to me, and climbed up on my chest. He purred, loudly, then he climbed up to my neck and shoulder. He snuggled in and napped. I finished the meeting with Bean curled up on my neck, got up to walk around, and Bean was still sleeping on me. Carried him around for about 20 minutes before he woke up and ran off to play. Such a baby!

Today I had been out quite a bit, and when I came in the house I said “Where’s Bean?” Next thing I know, Bean comes flying down the stairs, and meows in greeting as I bend down to pat him. Bean meows a LOT! He meows when he is happy, he meows to say hello. He meows when he is annoyed or when he wants to be fed.  He meows when he wants to be picked up, or put down. He also meows when he is wrestling with Puck, which he does often. He is not a quiet cat. I wonder if that is a Maine Coon thing?

Bean is trying hard to make friends with Cali. He often tries to snuggle up next to her when she is sleeping, but so far all she does is growl. I hope they can be friends one day. I’ve been giving Cali treats every time she is nice to the kitten.

Snuggled Up

I haven’t weighed him, but he definitely feels like he is growing fast. He has a vet check up on Monday, so I’m sure we will get to see how much he has gained at the appointment. I know kittens grow fast, but this one seems to be growing really fast!

Today’s Compromise

Yesterday was a LONG day! We spent over 7 hours in the car, but we were able to watch our son’s hockey game in one part of the state, and then have some lunch and drive over to Peconic Maine Coon breeders in another part of the state before completing the triangle and driving home.  Thankfully it was an absolutely beautiful drive around the White Mountains, and through some pretty foliage.

I wish I had thought to take pictures while we were at the breeders, but I was so busy playing with kittens I didn’t even think about it. There were 5 kittens, and 10 adults at the house. The adults were gorgeous! Big, spikey-eared hairy beasts.  Every single one of the kittens was amazing.  I’m glad we had pre-reserved one, because I don’t think I could have chosen on the spot.

This precious little 10 week old morsel came home with us.  He doesn’t have a name yet, so right now he is just Baby Cat. Let’s hope that doesn’t stick!

It is not taking Baby Cat long to settle in at all.  He’s pretty much taken over the house. We have him set up in his own room for now while everyone gets to know each other. When I’m around, he’s exploring the house.  He runs around and checks everything out, but if I get out of sight, he starts howling as soon as he notices.  I’ve never been around a cat this obsessed with people!

I sat down to work on my computer, and Baby Cat played on the floor for a while, he explored near by, then he wandered too far and started howling so I had to find him and show him where I was. He tried to climb up my leg, so I helped him into my lap.  He climbed onto my chest, kneaded my neck a bit, and then settled in for a nap. That was all very sweet, but I can only type one handed for so long, so we compromised and I found him a new spot:

I’m not sure how this is going to work out when he gets bigger, but for now, he is all snuggled up and I have a nice neck warmer!

Cali, the dog, loves the kitten. She’s a tiny bit jealous, but as long as I pat them both at the same time, she’s happy and they are already playing together.

Logan and Puck, our older cats are another story. Puck is really easy going and we thought he would be super accepting of the new kitten, he’s not. Last night he sat outside the living room peering in. When the kitten got too close, Puck hissed, and left. Today they are doing a little better.  They are in the same room together now. Baby Cat really wants to make friends, but Puck isn’t ready for that. I got a pheromone collar for Puck to see if that helps ease his anxiety about the transition.

Logan is carefully watching from a distance. She’s doesn’t seem stressed about the new addition, but she also isn’t interested in being friends just yet. I was going to get her a pheromone collar as well, but the pet store only had one, so I have one on order from amazon for her.  This is what I bought if anyone is interested:

The clerk at the store said she had used them and it seemed to help.

Baby cat is laying on my chest again, purring, and licking my chin.  I think we are going to get along just fine. Let’s hope the big cats learn to like him soon.

Vet check tomorrow.  Let’s hope the vet think’s this little guy is as perfect as I do!

Check back soon for more kitten pictures and updates.  Hopefully we will come up with a name soon!