Making Friends

Bean continues to do a great job fitting in here.  I was initially worried about him getting along with the cats most of all, but Bean is here to be everyone’s friend.

Bean and Hector D. Byrd are fascinated with each other. Of course they are always supervised when Hector is out, but they often chose to hang out together. This morning, I found the kitten chewing on one end of a cardboard box, while Hector chewed up the other! I’m going to have to break the news to Bean that he isn’t really built for chewing up boxes!



My worries about Puck and Bean not getting along are over. I think this photo says it all. Puck seems so happy to have a buddy. Logan is much older, and never really bonded with Puck. The best I can say is that they tolerate each other, which is pretty much how Logan is with Bean as well.

Puck and Bean are actually buddies. They love to wrestle together and they love when I have an extra box to leave out for them to climb and play with. I haven’t been able to get a video yet, but one cat will be in the box, one will be on top or on the side, and they will just pounce on each other over and over again.

Hector has always been obsessed with cardboard.  She always has a supply of boxes in or near her cage. Lately, she has been strolling across the floor and getting into the pile of spare boxes I keep. Last night, she decided she wanted the box the cats were playing with. She strolled over, looked at the cats, and went into the box and started chewing it up.  I saw Puck zip away from the box, and Bean was sitting just outside of it. I was wondering if Hector would feel trapped and get upset, so I was keeping a very close eye on things.  When Hector was done adding some ventilation to the box, she looked at Bean, chirped and strutted back to her cage. Bean just moved right out of her way, smart kitty already seems to know that Hector rules this roost!

About 5:30 this morning, I woke up to the sound of running cats. Bean and Puck has decided that was a good time for a wrestling match. While I’m really happy the cats are getting along, I’d prefer if they could pick another time or location for their escapades.

But look at that little face, even though I’m not a morning person, I can’t stay mad for long. At this moment, the little guy is curled up around the back of my neck while I’m typing. He’s so soft and warm, an excellent neck warmer!


The Little Bean

Sleepy baby cat

Little Bean is pretty awesome. We had some people at our house for a meeting yesterday, and we were all sitting around the kitchen table. Bean jumped up in to one woman’s lap, then onto the table. He hung out with her for a bit, got some pats, and moved on to the next person. He visited all 6 of us at the table. Eventually, he made his way back to me, and climbed up on my chest. He purred, loudly, then he climbed up to my neck and shoulder. He snuggled in and napped. I finished the meeting with Bean curled up on my neck, got up to walk around, and Bean was still sleeping on me. Carried him around for about 20 minutes before he woke up and ran off to play. Such a baby!

Today I had been out quite a bit, and when I came in the house I said “Where’s Bean?” Next thing I know, Bean comes flying down the stairs, and meows in greeting as I bend down to pat him. Bean meows a LOT! He meows when he is happy, he meows to say hello. He meows when he is annoyed or when he wants to be fed.  He meows when he wants to be picked up, or put down. He also meows when he is wrestling with Puck, which he does often. He is not a quiet cat. I wonder if that is a Maine Coon thing?

Bean is trying hard to make friends with Cali. He often tries to snuggle up next to her when she is sleeping, but so far all she does is growl. I hope they can be friends one day. I’ve been giving Cali treats every time she is nice to the kitten.

Snuggled Up

I haven’t weighed him, but he definitely feels like he is growing fast. He has a vet check up on Monday, so I’m sure we will get to see how much he has gained at the appointment. I know kittens grow fast, but this one seems to be growing really fast!