Normal(ish) Morning

Sitting at my computer this morning, trying to get some work done and here’s what is going on…

The cat is sleeping on the lizard’s tank, so I move him to the floor.  The dog and cat start wrestling. When they get close to the parrot cage, she screams.  I whistle at her and she whistles back.  Much better than the screaming!

A couple of minutes later, the parrot climbs onto the floor and starts chasing the cat.  I return the bird to her cage and clean up the bird poop. While I’m up, the lizard poops in her tank.  Bearded Dragon poop is one of the most foul smelling things on earth, it is most likely the inspiration for the Bog of Eternal Stench in Labyrinth. I move the cat (again) and clean up the lizard poop. I give her a super quick bath and return her to her tank. The bird runs over, bites my toe, and runs away laughing. She climbs back up to her cage and sits on her perch looking at me like “What’s wrong with you?”

Finally, the lizard is comfortably settled and basking under her heat lamp, the parrot is whistling along to the music I’m playing, apparently she likes classic rock this morning. The dog curled up at my feet, and the cat snuggled up in the dog crate.  Time to take advantage of the calm moment and get back to work!

How’s your morning going?


Introducing Me!

Hello World,

I’m a Wife and Momma to 2 grown kids and a small herd of pets. What can I say, I’ve loved animals as long as I’ve been alive. Over the years I’ve had dogs, cats, horses, lizards, snakes, a chinchilla, a hedgehog, birds, and more! My current babies include an 11 lb morkie with 50 lbs worth of attitude, an African Grey parrot that is nothing but attitude, a Bearded Dragon that’s actually very sweet, and two cuddly kitties.

Soon, I’ll add more posts about me, and about my past and current pets. I hope to cover all things animals here. Let me know what info you want to see.