The Dragon

I’d like to type up a new post this morning, but while trying to type here, Bean is walking all over my keyboard.  I guessI have to take a pat-the-cat break before I can finish!

OK, Bean settled.  Back to what I wanted to say about Wena, our Bearded Dragon.

Yes, she’s covered her cage in her breakfast salad, but believe it or not, she’s kind of a neat-freak. She finds it OK to make a mess with her breakfast, but she does NOT like to poop in her tank.

One thing I can tell you about lizards is that they actually have a ton of personality. Wena knows when I’m around.  Her tank is next to my desk, and she watches me.  She runs back and forth and bangs on the glass of her tank when she wants out, but only if she can see me.  If she is running around and I leave the room, she settles right down and finds a spot to chill.

The other thing about Wena is that she hates to poop in her cage. Now, I don’t blame her at all, bearded dragon poop is one of the smelliest things on earth. Normally, she waits until I’m at my desk. She watches me, she paces, but she doesn’t scratch at the glass like she does when she wants to come out. Eventually she poops, THEN she scratches at the glass like crazy and expects me to clean her up immediately. She never walks through her own mess.  It really makes clean up easy.

The problem is that when I travel and have someone else caring for her, she often won’t poop. When I traveled last week, she pooped once in 5 days. Not sure how I can help her fix this problem. It’s probably not a big deal if I’m just away for a few days, but I worry when I travel longer. I guess if my son is watching the pets again, I’ll have to put in the instructions that he should sit at my desk for a couple of hours until Wena has a chance to poop! Then he can clean her up right away and do whatever else he needs to do.  I’m sure that would go over really well with him.

Tomorrow is a big day for Bean, time for him to get neutered.  I hope he has an easy surgery and a quick recovery.  I’ll keep you posted.




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