Puck Update

Wednesday, poor Puck was still acting a little weird.  He was spending extra time in the litter box, although he didn’t seem to be uncomfortable. Other than extra time in the box, he was his normal, cuddly self, but I was worried about the extra time in the litter box.  The vet had said that the next step was a urine test, so I went ahead and did that.

I managed to collect a urine sample. That Breeze litter box I got a few weeks ago, made it super easy. I took the pad out of the bottom tray, cleaned everything well, and left Puck in a room with that box for a couple of hours. Then I was able to collect a sample from the tray and bring it to my vet.

The urinalysis showed no signs of infection, so the only thing to do is feed Urinary tract health food, and hope this settles down. As of today, he seems to be doing OK. I need to work out this whole food thing.  The urinary health food is fine to feed all three of our cats, probably even healthy for them, but it is crazy expensive! I normally pay about $20 for an 8 lb bag of dry food, this prescription food is about $75 for a 14 lb bag. The prescription canned food is also very pricey.

Purina makes a non-prescription urinary health formula that is just slightly more expensive than regular cat food, so I think I’m going to try that. My vet has been out of the office this week, so I plan to check in with him on Monday and see what his thoughts are on the non-prescription urinary health food. The other problem with the prescription formula is the cats don’t really seem to like it, and I’m not sure they will keep eating it long term.




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