It’s been a busy cat week here! Tuesday evening, my son and I found Puck sitting in the litter box.  He looked miserable and was spending a lot of time in there. I noticed his urine was dark, almost a bit bloody looking.  I texted a friend who is a vet tech, and she suggested we get him to the emergency animal hospital in case he had a urinary blockage.

The Emergency vet rushed Puck back immediately to be checked for blockage, but thankfully there didn’t seem to be anything to worry about.  They checked him over, and decided it was probably Cystitis. He was sent home with a pain medicine, and a drug called Prazosin for urethral spams.

Yesterday morning he already seemed a bit better. I scheduled a follow up with our regular vet, and we just got back from that appointment. Our regular vet confirmed a diagnosis of Idiopathic Cystitis.  We did an X-ray to make sure there wasn’t a stone, or crystals, but everything looks perfect.

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We decided to take a conservative approach.  Basically, we know this will most likely happen to the poor cat again in the future.  It’s probably some how related to stress, and thankfully, studies show that it happens less frequently as cats age.  Our plan is to put him on a prescription canned food and see how he does.  If it happens again, we will do more testing if needed.  He may need to go on a prescription dry food along with the canned food. With three cats in the house, prescription food will be pricey, but we will deal with that if/when we have to. For now, Puck seems better, and we’ll be happy with that.

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