If All Goes Well…

Prep has begun. New litter box, kitten food, toys, and of course setting up a safe little area for our new friend, the excitement is real! Saturday we visit the breeder.  I’m trying to be realistic, there is a chance we could meet this new fur ball on Saturday and decide it just isn’t the right personality for us, but I’m hoping it all works out.

I’m not sure if we have a choice between two kittens, or if one is already spoken for. I know there were two males available, and I just told the breeder I wanted the craziest, most playful one. I’m not sure if anyone has claimed the other male yet, or if we will be able to pick. The breeder seemed to feel they were pretty similar in personality. One has double paws, one does not. If personality is equal, I’d prefer the one without double paws. I know double paws are considered a desirable trait, but we have one double pawed cat, and his nails are a pain to cut. I also don’t care enough to want to pay extra for a kitten with double paws.

Fingers crossed all goes well on Saturday! Of course pictures and updates to come.

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