Cali and Kanga and Hector!

Puck wanted to make sure he wasn’t forgotten when I blogged today! He’s such a thoughtful boy!

Cali is still really enjoying this cat bed! She’s had three laser treatments now and I really think they are helping. She’s starting to use her injured leg much more regularly. I’ve noticed her using it quite a bit when she is walking, but she still holds it up when she runs. She is going to have her 4th laser treatment tomorrow, and then we will go to once a week treatments for a couple of weeks to see how she does. I happened to notice on Amazon yesterday that it is possible to buy a cold laser treatment tool to use at home. I’m thinking this might be a good thing to invest in, not just for Cali, but also for me! Does anyone own a home laser tool? If so, let me know how you like it.

Hector seems to be developing a little curiosity about Kanga. I keep a dog pen around the two bird cages to keep the cats from getting too close to my feathered friends. Yesterday, Hector climbed onto the top of the pen and climbed her way over by Kanga’s cage. Neither bird has shown any signs of aggression towards each other’s but obviously I haven’t allowed them to touch. Hector just “walked” the entire length of the fence, checked out Kanga and headed back to her own side. She did that back and forth a few times, never trying to climb onto Kanga’s cage, just looking curiously.

Hector has never been a super destructive bird. Her favorite is really cardboard. She loves to chew up boxes. She chews on soft wood toys, but she nibbles, and doesn’t destroy things like Kanga. Kanga is a machine when it comes to destroying toys! Give him a wood block and I’m lucky it if entertains him for 10 minutes.


I have noticed some really interesting behavior in Kanga over the last couple of days. I’ve learned Kanga doesn’t really like men. He gets nervous and aggressive when my son or husband are around. Last week my son was back at his place and my husband was traveling so it was just me. Kanga was great, no screaming issues, he played and did his thing. As soon as my husband got home on Sunday, the screaming started again. I had to close him in his cage a couple of times because the screaming just wouldn’t stop. Yesterday, my husband started feeding Kanga his favorite Nutriberri treats. The screaming was better last night. I’m hoping if my husband keeps offering treats that maybe K will learn he’s OK and he isn’t going to hurt him.

I volunteered at Mary’s Dogs in Northwood, New Hampshire again this past weekend. They just got in a new batch of puppies from the South and they are all so cute! What could be a better volunteer job than snuggling and playing with puppies! I love it!

Enjoy the puppy pictures and have a pet-friendly day!


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