Happy Hatch Day Hector D. Byrd!

Busy day today! Picked up Skye the foster dog to bring her to an adoption event this morning. She was such a good girl! Lots of people really seemed to like her. Hoping she met her forever family today!

Hector D. Byrd is celebrating her 31st birthday today! She’s happily whistling away. She enjoyed making lots of fire alarm noises earlier today when my husband was checking batteries in the fire detectors! Tonight she will celebrate with a nice, fresh, birdie omelette!

http://Www.TreatPlanet.com sent me a lovely sample bag of treats to check out. Looking forward to sharing more info on their products soon! Cali is already going crazy just smelling the bag. I wonder what her favorite will be! Does anyone have a favorite Treat Planet treat, let me know!

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  1. Hello, If this is the same Hector D Byrd that was the “CEO” of Ambrosia SW…. I wanted to let you know I reached out to the “Strong Museum of Play” in Rochester NY. They would be more than happy to share some stories, history and artifacts from the old Ambrosia days. If you can toss this message to the old staff, please have someone reach out to info AT museumofplay DOT org . I went there recently and thought it was a missing piece of Rochester’s history.

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