African Grey Parrots and a Dragon update

Hector D. Byrd is definitely fond of swearing. She doesn’t do it often, but when she does, it is clear that she knows what she is doing, and she is stating her opinion. For example, she was yelling at my husband one day “Wanna Come UP! Wanna Come UP!”Over and over again, getting louder each time. My husband nicely told her that he was doing something. She kept is up. Next he tried to tell her he would pick her up later. Her response “A**hole.”

That brings me to this article that Hector thought I should share. Have you ever encountered a foul-mouthed bird?

The Dragon came out of her cave a few days ago, she ate, she basked under her heat lamp, today she went back in the cave. She’s still awake and keeping an eye on me, so I’ll be curious to see if she stays up or brumates again.



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