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No pictures for today’s post. Trust me, you don’t want them.

If you’ve ever been on FaceBook, or Instagram, I know you’ve already seen the pictures, maybe even videos. The robot vacuum that seems like such a fantastic idea, well, one day it goes bad.

What will it get into? Cat vomit? Litter box remnants? Bird seed? Nope.

I woke up this morning, brushed my teeth, threw on some clothes, found my glasses. said Good Morning to the dog and headed downstairs to put her out. It seemed like a normal day, maybe even a good day. I slept well last night, I felt rested, and my allergies weren’t terrible, yet.

As I headed downstairs, I noticed the carpet was askew. I went to fix it, and yikes! Dried up poop smear everywhere. I don’t think the dog really needed to go out anymore. She did what she needed to do in the living room, then my very helpful RoboVac tried to help clean it up for me.

New rules for the RoboVac – She will no longer be allowed to run unsupervised. It may seem like a good idea to set your RoboVac up to clean while you are happily slumbering and don’t have to listen to her, or trip over her. That’s not going to happen here anymore. Supervised work hours only!

As hard as it is to say this right now, I was lucky. My vac seemed to have found this mess on it’s way back to its station, so the mess was contained to a single room and a hallway. Only one carpet was involved, and it is one that can be thrown into the washing machine. The rest of the trail was on our hardwood floors. Scraping poop off wood isn’t the most fun way to wake up ever, but it could have been so much worse.

Floor cleaned, wood polished, rug in the wash, great! Time to get back to my morning routine. Unfortunately, the living room still smells, what did I miss? OMG, I missed the vac itself. It’s tires have little treads. Again, I need to be thankful, since the vac was on it’s way home, it was full. Very little ended up inside the vac, I just had to clean the outside. There are brushes, wheels with treads, a brush roller. This was clearly an outside job. Toothpicks, spray cleaner, old towels, and a lot of patience. I think the RoboVac will survive to clean again one day. That day will NOT be today.

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