The Flight of the Cosmic Hippo

Last night I was lucky enough to see Bela Fleck and the Flecktones in concert. We got to LOTS of concerts, so not that unusual, but it had been a long time since we had seen them. They were the band that taught me to enjoy and appreciate instrumental music. They are all amazing musicians. When we got to the venue, I noticed there were little red hippos all over the stage to celebrate their 30 years together, and their Flight of the Cosmic Hippo album.

Can you see those little guys? So cute! I really wanted a Cosmic Hippo.  I tried to buy one, but it was the last night of the tour, and they were sold out.

Thankfully, we had seats right in the 2nd row. I enjoyed every second of the concert. Being so close, I caught the eye of the various musicians a couple of times and gave them big smiles. I always feel like it is important for the audience to give some energy and appreciation back to the artists on stage, and being in the 2nd row, the pressure was on, but it was easy to stay involved because I was enjoying the show so much.

After the encore, the musicians all took a bow, and I saw Bela reach for the Hippo behind him. I gave him a big smile and walked right up to the stage. He caught my eye, smiled, and threw me the Hippo!!!! Next thing I know, the guy next to me reaches out and grabs it! Oh no! That was MY HIPPO!!!  I looked over at the guy and gave him a sad face, and he gave me the Hippo!

I’m not sure what all that really has to do with pets, other than the fact that the Cosmic Hippo is now living on my desk, and Bean enjoyed cuddling him today.


Really the big news is that Bean went to the vet today for his final kitten shots.  The vet asked me when we were planning to neuter him and I told him I thought it was too early? The vet had forgotten that Bean wasn’t quite 4 months old because he is SO big! How big? Bean was 6.8 lbs! Our Puck, full grown, is only about 7 lbs! Bean gets to wait on being neutered until next year.

I spent some extra time at the vet’s office so that everyone could visit with Bean. The vet techs passed him around and he purred.  He is such a good boy!

Cali also came to the vet today.  She needed her nails trimmed, but I also wanted to have her feet checked because she had been chewing on her feet non-stop. The vet thinks it is her allergies and the dry weather that are making her paws itch, but he also thinks she has an infection now. Cali got a Cytopoint injection for the allergies, and some antibiotics to help with the infection. Hopefully, she should feel better soon.

Apoquel was on my mind, so I brought it up with my vet. I told him I had been seeing some reports of side effects from extended use, but he said he has been using it for a long time and hasn’t seen any problems from it. Considering how itchy and miserable Cali can become, I think I’m going to keep her on it for now, but keep my eyes open for any possible replacements for it.

Cali and Bean are both a bit exhausted after their vet visit. I don’t think it will be too much longer before Bean is bigger than Puck and Cali! I definitely think he will end up being our largest pet when he is done growing!



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