1st Vet Visit

Looks like the new fuzz ball is going to be Dezmond. He seems to like the name so far. I’m trying to break the habit of continuing to call him “Baby Cat.” The older cats are starting to settle in and spend more time with him, so overall the adjustment is going well for all. I even had all three cats eating together on the kitchen table for breakfast and dinner today. The big cats don’t usually get wet food twice a day, so they are really happy with the little treats they have been getting!

Dezzi is definitely the neediest kitten I have ever encountered.  He wants to nap on humans, not just near them. We let him sleep with our son last night, and apparently  he spent the whole night on top of him.  If our son moved, the kitten moved back on top of him.

Today I was working on the computer and Dezzi came over begging to be picked up. I scooped him up and he started purring and snuggled up on me. The problem was that I had to be all slouched down to make the kitten comfortable on my chest, but it was not a comfortable way to sit! What I did next might qualify me for Crazy Cat Lady status, but it was a back and sanity-saving decision. I went and found my old baby sling, and I snuggled the kitten right up in it. He was so happy, and I got to sit up straight without having to hold the kitten. It was perfect. He napped happily in the sling for a good half hour before I had to get up and disturb him.

Today’s other big event was Dezmond’s first vet visit with us. He didn’t seem to have any problem with being put in the carrier, or being handed around to strange people.  He explored the exam room and liked climbing around on the scale. He weighed in at a big 3.6 lbs! Not bad for just 10 weeks! He didn’t need any shots today, but he did have an exam, worming, and a Feline Leukemia test. All looks good!

Someone didn’t want to stay on the scale for very long!
Scale was calibrating, he did NOT weigh 6 lbs!

Back to the vet for another kitten check, worming, and vaccine in 2 weeks. I’ll be curious to see how much he grows in two weeks.

Make sure you check out PetMomma.Co on Instagram for more pictures. It’s hard not to constantly take pictures of him. Of course also check back here for more updates. What do you think, does Dezmond fit?

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