What’s Hector D. Byrd Up to Now?

We often call our cat, Puck, Pucky-Boo-Boo, or even just Boo-Boo. I have no idea where it came from, but it stuck. Right at this moment, my beautiful grey parrot is marching around on the floor calling “Hector Boo Boo, Hector Boo Boo” She must be jealous or something, we have never called her “Hector Boo-Boo!”

She’s very proud of herself, when I laughed at her, she started laughing too! Of course soon after she headed back to her box construction, well destuction project.

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4 thoughts on “What’s Hector D. Byrd Up to Now?”

  1. This is awesome, I swear if I find myself up in your neck of the woods, I’d love to stop by and say Hi to Hector. As a person that has lived with that bird, I can easily say, don’t be afraid to actually test other theories of what might be going on with her brain. She’s remarkably a smart creature, albeit a cantankerous roommate.

    She would name actions. Like her sound for wanting fresh water, and a sound for drinking water out of a cap on command were different. You could actually tell when she was social and wanted to drink water in a cup. The water gurgle sound like it’s being poured was faster and a bit higher pitched. She would have long conversations with one of my exes that you could see her saying word pairs to try and show off.

    Vertebrate intelligence on the whole different branch is amazing. And she knows the sound “Hector” as an identifier as her. She would say different “Hectors” when she wanted to be pet, and sometimes when I think she was genuinely itchy and wanted to have contact. But, saying Hector and adding it to another creature’s identifier seems like the chances of it being accidental are low. If she continues to do it, try saying “Lisa-Boo-Boo” when you are doing a similar action, like if she says it when she walks in a room.
    That bird is a wonderfully intelligent creature, and seeing these posts makes me literally feel light hearted. Glad to see she’s adapting new sayings and traits. Happy Bird Brain. :>

    1. I’m sure Hector would remember you and we’d love to see you! Please let us know if you do end up in the our area.

      Hector is an absolutely fascinating creature. I don’t know if she ever spoke Spanish when you had her? My son speaks a bit of Spanish, and now Hector says “Hola.” She seems to use it to mean Good Night, as she always says it to me in a very soft, sweet little voice when I close up her cage for the night and tell her it is bed time.

      She also thinks it is quite funny when I call the dog and the dog doesn’t come (most of the time), and she will whistle for the dog, laugh, and whistle some more.

      If she hears me say Puck the cat’s name, she whistles for him, or sometimes meows.

      She still makes lots of video game sounds, water sounds, and of course she still speaks in your voice 😉

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