As you may be able to guess, I’m kind of obsessed with all things pet. I saw a FaceBook ad a couple of weeks ago for “PoochPack.” Sounds cute, the items looked to be good quality, and I could try it out for just the cost of shipping. OK, I’m in!

I paid my $4.95 shipping, and within 3 days, my bright red package arrived. Cali and I were excited, new dog stuff! Well, our PoochPack consisted of one toy. I guess I didn’t read the small print well enough. I thought we got a sample box like the one they wanted me to subscribe to each month, but this is just a single toy.

The tugging bone looks fine. It seems to be well made, but I was a little disappointed that there weren’t treats or any of the other things I saw in an actual PoochPack. Guess I learned my lesson!

The stitching seems sturdy, the rope seems to be high quality, and the little rubber bone is cute.

Although my furry friend, Puck, would like to keep this for himself, we have decided to do a give away!

Give Away Details – share this blog with your pet loving friends, Like our Facebook Page, subscribe to my Instagram, PetMomma.co, and follow me on Twitter: @PetmommaC. Finally, leave me a comment here on the blog about what you like and what else you might like to see here. I’ll pick a winner by the end of October to receive this tug toy.

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