Pet Fountains?

Does anyone use a pet fountain for their dogs or cats? I always thought they were kind of a silly extravagance, but I have to say I’m a believer now, especially for cats.

I have two PetSafe water fountains, which I will review here soon. The truth is that cats need to drink, and most house cats don’t drink enough. Having had a cat that died from kidney disease, I’ve seen one of the problems of not drinking enough for myself.

Something about the moving water of a fountain attracts cats, and they tend to drink more.  That has certainly been true in my house. My cats love the fountain, one paws at the water, and splashes it as it comes down. Logan, loves to dip her paw in the running water and lick it off. I guess it is more lady-like to her than sticking her face in it. Either way, I see my cats drinking often, and that was never true with a regular water bowl.

Let me know if you’ve had any pet fountain experiences, thanks!

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