Not Surprised, but Disappointed

On August 13th, I saw pictures of an adorable smooshed brown face that belonged to a French Bulldog puppy named Pammy. Pammy needed a new home. She was the first adoptable Frenchie I’ve seen that could live with other dogs, cats, and even birds! I wanted her. I paid the $10 application fee and carefully filled out their 4 page application. Then I waited.

I knew they would get 100s of applications for a puppy like that. I knew she was located in Pennsylvania and they would probably pick someone closer if they could. I didn’t expect to get her, but yesterday when I received the email saying I was not chosen to adopt her, I was still sad.

Now I’m not sure what’s next. Part of me really wants a 2nd dog. I love seeing two play together and snuggle together, but do I want the extra hassle and expense of a second dog? If that second dog was Pammy, I have no doubt that she would have fit right in and I would not have had any regrets. Now I’m overthinking things.

I may look into fostering. It would give me a chance to help a dog that needed it, and to see how the household reacts to a 2nd dog. It’s been a while since we had more than one. If the foster “fails” and I want to keep it, that wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, but if it doesn’t work out, I haven’t made a huge commitment.

Anyone fostered? I’ve fostered kittens before. I’ve successfully fostered litters, raised them, and brought them back to the shelter for adoption. Only one of them is still here, her name is Logan, and she’s 11 now.

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